Here are some nice things people have been saying about us

Happy Days is an excellent childcare facility. From the minute I drop my daughter off in the morning until I collect her in the evening I have complete peace of mind that she is being loved and cared for throughout the day by the excellent staff. Sadly she will be finishing soon to go to ‘ big school’ and both our daughter and us as parents will miss Happy Days immensely. She will be attending after schools which will keep her routine with Happy Days. I cannot express how thankful we as parents are for the last 3.5 years that she has attended, the love she has received and how she has developed is fantastic.

I am very impressed by every aspect of Happy Days. The facilities are great and the staff are all absolutely brilliant. My child loves attending and this highlights just how brilliant it is. I couldn't be happier and I appreciate all the hard work that is put into each and every day.

Happy Days nursery really do try to make every day a ‘ happy day’ for the babies and children. I regularly phone to check how my babies are getting on and the staff are always helpful and accommodating. The range of activities offered is something which any mother/father, whether working or not, would not be able to provide on a daily basis. This balance and care taken by staff, undoubtedly assists with social and intellectual development. I would readily recommend Happy Days (Now that I have secured my baby place!) to anyone. It’ s the little things and the detail that really makes the difference.

My child loves going to Happy Days which I feel is a great reflection on the staff and the care and activities provided by them. I cannot thank the staff enough for the peace of mind I have from knowing my child is safe and happy while at Happy Days.

Happy Days provides a warm, caring environment where all children are welcomed and loved. My child loves going and I am very grateful to have such high quality daycare in which to leave her. The room staff treat all with respect and as individuals building and developing their interests and providing a varied and interesting range of activities. I always feel welcomed when picking her up.

Everyone in Happy Days has made going back to work so much easier, knowing that the kids are so well looked after! The Baby Room staff in particular are amazing! Both my children absolutely love coming to Happy Days and adore the staff who do such a fantastic job.

The professional and personal manner of all the staff I have had contact with has been excellent. The opportunities for development and social interaction has been particularly beneficial to my little girl. The way in which the staff handled her settling period and move to the older toddler room made the transition seamless. This in turn made my return to work easier as I was confident in the level of care she would be receiving particularly knowing that the team were supportive and accommodating of my preferences.